Ride for Refuge 2012 – October 6

It’s back again, better than ever! And this time we get to host it!

Some of you remember the Ride for Refuge from previous years. We love this fundraiser that helps displaced, exploited and vulnerable people all around the world. It’s a simple idea with big impact!

ImageLast year we had 40 riders at the Grand Rapids ride and they raised more than $13,000 that we split between the People Center, Women At Risk, and our own refugee ministry at SLWC. The ride was challenging, fun and well-organized, and we thought, “Wonder what it would take to host a ride in the Tri-Cities next year?” A year later, after a great process with RfR organizers, we’re all set and approved as a new location! We’re so excited!

We’ll be communicating more specific details about how you can help as the ride gets closer and what project we’ve chosen to sponsor with our funds, but we wanted you to know now so you can mark the ride on your calendar. Whether you ride with your kids, help serve snacks at a route-side stop, or cheer at the finish line, we have a million ways you can be involved.

For now, here are six reasons we believe in Ride for Refuge:

  1. The church has another chance to stand for something good. Sometimes all we hear about are the failures. This is an opportunity for real people with real faith to make real change.
  2. It’s a great time to invite your friends to hang out with “church people” in a non-threatening place.
  3. Our friends and neighbors will hear about different churches and agencies working together to do something good and helpful and fun. (And who doesn’t appreciate positive news during an election year?)
  4. There’s something for everyone to do! This is not a bike race and you don’t need to wear Spandex. If you want to ride, all you have to do is gather a few pledges using a super easy website. If you want to volunteer, we have a job that will fit any time commitment and every physical ability. Everyone can be part of this event.
  5. This is a great first step in doing something to love exploited, vulnerable and displaced people. We know that it’s overwhelming sometimes to think about how big the problem is. If you’re looking for a small way to start working for justice, this is it.
  6. The Ride is an easy format to raise a lot of money. Last year’s ride in Grand Rapids raised $70,000 all together. That’s awesome.

Want more details? Check out rideforrefuge.org!

~ Jen M.


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3 responses to “Ride for Refuge 2012 – October 6

  1. RandiLynn


  2. Kim K

    I volunteered at one of the refreshment tents two years ago. It was a chilly day, but it was a great atmosphere and I met some really great people. I’m looking forward to volunteering in the Tri-Cities now!

  3. springlakewesleyanchurch

    Can’t wait to have you, RandiLynn and Kim!

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